Sunday, July 17, 2011

Counting My Blessings

I am experiencing a revival of quilling in my life.  I was surprised that although I had given away a lot of my supplies to my sisters and friends, I still have so much!  I suspect that I am addicted to paper.  I had given up my business license in 2008, after realizing that I cannot be a full-time mom, full-time artist and a full-time scientist. Something's gotta give.  After I had stopped doing my arts and crafts fairs, my passion for quilling veered into teaching.  I was pleased that my daughter's Girl Scout trooped earned a badge for Making Hobbies when I taught them a class.  Gabby has been quilling for five years, and she will be my assistant in the next class. I am teaching a beginner's class in August.  It will be a fundraiser for my friend Michelle, who is doing the San Diego 3-day walk in November.

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