Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spreading the Good News about Quilling

Quilling projects
Last night, my daughter Gabby and I taught a quilling class. I had so much fun seeing other people enjoy this art form.  Even people who claimed to have no artistic talent whatsoever finished the make-and-take projects by the end of the class. It was quite rewarding to see how quickly everyone learned, with some creating other designs beyond the class scope.  We had eight adults and four children, the youngest of whom was about five or six years old.  She wanted to make a smiley face, and when I asked her to describe it afterwards, she said, "This is my Mommy."  This is what teaching quilling means to me.

On the way home, Gabby thanked me for bringing her. She was glad to help others.  It made her feel like a grown-up!  I am thankful to her too, and for the times that we share together as mother and daughter. On top of this, it also teaches her what my grandmother had always taught me, "Your talent is useless unless you share it." 

This quilling class was a fundraiser for my friend Michelle's 3-day walk.  Please take time to visit her page:

Make-and-take project for the class

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