Sunday, September 13, 2015

Succulents, Seashells and Yarnbombing

The evolution of a cypress hedge to a yarn-bombed succulent garden is an exercise in the pursuit of happiness.  It took my husband and son a few days to tear down the hedge and uproot the gnarly wood from the soil.  Then, I planted the succulents.  Each of my succulents came from someone I know - my mother, an aunt, a friend or a co-worker.  It reminds me of a gardener friend who once said that all her friends are like the flowers in her garden.  Each one is unique, and each one brings a different beauty to her life.   The shells came from beaches in San Diego, and from a collection of our travels along the coast when the kids were younger and we took a lot of road trips.  The sticks came from pruned branches from the bougainvillea and pepper trees from our yard.  I let them dry for a few weeks, then knit little skinny scarves to wrap them around.  Voila!  A year later, a garden that makes me smile!