Sunday, September 25, 2016

Wedding Tree in Old Poway Park

My most ambitious project to date - the Wedding Tree at Old Poway Park.  If you're ever in Old Poway Park, take a moment to enjoy it.  Take a picture and tag it with #weddingtree #oldpowaypark.  This park is a special place for my family, with memories of birthdays, lazy days, Civil War reenactments, Trainsong festivals, old fashioned-Fourth of July and Christmas.  Making the wedding tree hopes to keep the rustic, 1860's feeling.  When you're at the park, please also look for the Sweater Tree across the creek.   My friend Sara yarnbombed it.  She is an inspiration to me, as well as all the women in the Knitting Group.

Note: Material used is 100% cotton so that the tree can breathe!
To read more about yarnbombing and trees:

Fitting the pieces on the wedding tree
Fitting the pieces on the wedding tree
Fitting the pieces on the wedding tree

Tree of Love

Keeping with the theme of Old Poway Park


Monday, July 4, 2016

Yarnbombing Makes My Heart Happy

Happy Fourth of July!
 Prettifying a drainhole in this California drought
Giving a plain tote some character
Shrouding my father's broken Crucianelli guitar
Shrouding my father's broken Crucianelli guitar
Giving a tote bag a new life
One day, this will hug a tree, or a boulder….

Repurposing old CDs

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Yarnbombed Prayer Pole

Have you seen a prayer quilt? It has loose threads that can be tied in a knot, and as one ties a knot, a prayer is made. I can't quilt, but I can ‪#‎yarnbomb‬. We have a tipu tree that weathered a storm, and almost got uprooted in the last round of strong winds. Here it is in its wintering phase, buttressed by a few cinder blocks and staked. It looked so sad that I wanted to cheer it up.