Thursday, November 23, 2017

Yarnbombing for the Cure - It Takes a Village

Tweety and Sylvester
My friend Michelle and I have been ardent advocates of breast cancer awareness for a long time.   We walked the 60 miles from Del Mar to Downtown San Diego on separate occasions, and support our Team United for Jo year after year by fundraising, stalking and supporting their walk.  There are many reasons to walk, and their names are Jo, Florie May, Marge, Jane and Shalou.  Many women and men who have battled breast cancer; some of them won, and several lost.

This year, we gave Tweety Bird, our usual support stalker car, a new partner!  Meet Sylvester, the pink yarn-bombed car for the San Diego 3-Day Walk for Breast Cancer!
Cheering on walkers at Sunset Cliffs.  San Diego remains to be the most popular city to do the walk.  Can you believe this is a usual November day?

It started with a pile of granny squares crocheted by Jo's mom Auntie Meng from Washington state

We used butcher paper to make patterns.  When all pieces were done, they covered my entire living room!

This panel was done by Marie from heaven.  A coworker had donated her late mom's yarn stash, and this was a partially done sweater panel.

My partner in crime, Michelle

A seagull photo-bombed us!
My pride and joy!  Craftivism at its best.  We used zip ties, fishing lines, magnets, yarn to connect the pieces.  We made sure to make it safe for driving on the streets.  It was so much fun to see the smiles as people saw us drive by! 

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